About HYAcorp

HYAcorp is the most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid – safe, biocompatible and non-animal origin – indicated for volume restoration and body and face reshaping.

HYAcorp is a clear and viscous gel made from crosslinked hyaluronic acid, to be used for restoring the volume and contouring of body and faces surfaces. The innovative crosslinking technique used by BioScience creates smooth, homogeneous gels with excellent viscoelastic properties -furthermore, these gels can be easily injected, and remain in tissue for a long time.

HYacorp provides immediate, reliable and predictable correction of up to 100%.

HYAcorp is a product line of dermal fillers for body and face contouring :


Guarantees long lasting results.

Supports skin with high purity hyaluronic acid.

Is biocompatible and follows the natural cycle of skin degradation and regeneration.

Provides immediate, reliable and predictable corrections of up to 100%.

HYAcorp : Hyaluronic acid and the advanced thixotropic technology (ATT)

A specially designed cross-linked HA gel’s property of becoming less viscous under pressure (injecting force), and returning immediately to the original viscosity when the pressure (injecting force) is no longer being applied, is a characteristic of a system (advanced thixotropic technology = ATT technique) exhibiting a decrease in viscosity with an increase in the rate of shear, usually a function of time.

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