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HYAcorp products range

HYAcorp, a comprehensive range of application…

… for treating various parts of the skin, wrinkle types and body contouring.

The products vary in crosslinking degree, particle size and concentration of HA. Picking the correct combination of these three factors allows to you to choose the product that best suits each area. The degree of crosslinking defines the elasticity and duration of the product. Treatments in deeper skin structures require a firmer product – a high amount/concentration of HA should be used. Areas intended to be soft after treatment, for example face and lips, necessitate a lower level of crosslinking.

The duration of the filling effect can vary, and is dependent on the depth and area of injection. HYAcorp is delivered in special syringes designed for single use only. The depth of the injection may vary from subcutneaous to supraperiostal administration for the body filler (MLF1 and MLF2). HYAcorp Face Filler are  implanted into the medium dermal tissue.

A healthy, safe and certified range

Hyaluronic acid used in HYAcorp products is is non-animal origin