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Rejuvenate hands

The weakened skin of the hands

Exposed early to all external skin aggression, hands appear quickly with signs of sagging skin. The hands lose their fat and the skin of the hands and back of the hands becomes thin. Injected and skeletal, the hands easily betray the age. Thus, we can no longer treat a face against aging without also acting on the hands if we want to respect the harmony of youth.

To fill, tone and lift hands, the technique of injections of hyaluronic acid represents the most reliable solution for refractory to cosmetic surgery. HYAcorp for the hands is a highly cross-linked and volumizing filling product that will help restore the shape of thinned hands.

Fast and painless treatment

All the elements of the hand are studied before carrying out the act: the thickness of the fat, the veins, the tendons and the bone reliefs.

Some injection points are done in less than an hour, without pain or scarring. The product is distributed in all the interosseous spaces in order to fill the hollows and to conceal the visible veins. Anesthetic cream can be applied if needed.

After the act, it is possible to return to his daily life by limiting some difficult manual activities. Only minimal discomfort, related to some edema and bruising appeared the first 3 days, can be noticed.

The results are immediate natural and appreciable durably, depending on lifestyle, metabolism and product. The hands are filled, smoothed and gives a rejuvenated effect. A maintenance session every 6 months can help to maintain the aesthetic result.